Sen Soy Premium

SEN SOY PREMIUM invites you to a “culinary journey” around Southeast Asian countries with its wide range of products for cooking Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese dishes!

SEN SOY PREMIUM is a real catch for those who wish to diversify their daily diet. And travelers can maintain their sweet memories about their recent journey to an exotic country.

SEN SOY PREMIUM offers high quality products in handy portion packs with detailed instructions and recipes. It will be quite easy to learn to make famous sushi rolls, various dishes with Asian noodles, stir fry dishes and different soups.

SEN SOY PREMIUM makes cooking exotic Asian dishes on your own simple, exciting and affordable!

Sen Soy

Authentic soy sauces are produced by means of natural fermentation. It is the only method which allows obtaining natural, tasty and wholesome product. SEN SOY soy sauces are produced using this technique at the only facility in Russia where such production is possible on an industrial scale.

When producing soy sauces SEN SOY complies with the highest quality standards:


Natural fermentation is the secret of the excellent quality and the amazing flavor of the soy sauce. The method of soy sauce production by means of natural fermentation is traditional in Asia. It has been known for over 2500 years and it has remained almost unchanged until now.



An important component in soy sauce production is time. Natural soy sauce should age for a long time until its full saturation. It is the ageing time that determines the color, flavor, richness and saturation of soy sauce.

Soy sauces by SEN SOY are high quality products at a reasonable price!

2011 – 2012 Product of the Year award winner.


Paprichi World Cuisines sauces are authentic national sauces, a hallmark of each of the national cuisines selected by us. They are made following national recipes accurately and will help you reproduce the flavor of a particular cuisine. With World Cuisines series you can travel the world without leaving your kitchen!