New: PAPRICHI marinades


The new “PAPRICHI” line comprises the types of marinades most popular among customers today. The sauces are supplied in up-to-date handy PET package with a colorful design. Each of the new marinades is distinguished by its well balanced recipe with natural components which allows marinating 4 kilos of meat within 30 minutes.

Due to the advanced production line PAPRICHI products are produced using the hot filling method which enables to preserve the flavor and wholesome properties of natural ingredients for a longer period.

PAPRICHI marinades are suitable for cooking outdoors or at home, therefore the products will be in demand in seasonal displays in special areas and departments (Meat and Fish department) and, of course, in grocery department (sauces and marinades).

The products will be in high demand in any season due to their composition, ease of use and cost-effectiveness for customers as the price of the marinades is quite affordable which distinguishes the goods on the shelf.

The collection consists of 4 types of marinades:

«Shashlik», «Universal», «For Grilling», «For Chicken».

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