New: MARINATING SAUCES for Asian meat 80gr


Sen Soy Premium presents another novelty: MARINATING SAUCES for making world-famous Korean, Japanese and Chinese dishes!

Each marinating sauce is unique in its own way: a mixture of exotic ingredients gives a national color to each of them and allows cooking delicious meat faster. The rate and ease of marinating are accounted for by presence of soy sauce and pear juice in the marinade which are able to convey the flavor of all ingredients contained in the marinade to the meat.

If you have Sen Soy Premium marinating sauces, you can cook meat following Asian traditional recipes, diversify your diet and try a new exotic flavor!

The sauces for marinating meat:

  • can be used instead of salt, reducing its daily intake;
  • are perfect for busy and active people. They make food delicious and nutritive while time spent on cooking is significantly reduced.

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