New: Korean dressing for aubergines and chicken “KHE”


Sen Soy Premium is happy to present new tastes of special dressings for Korean salads.

Chicken “KHE” is a piquant and rather nourishing dish which can be considered dietary.

“KHE” or “KHVE” is a popular traditional Korean salad whose main ingredients are thinly sliced fish, poultry, meat or seafood. It is simple to make chicken “KHE” with Sen Soy Premium dressing: you do not have to measure proportions of ingredients for special marinade; all you have to do is to cut chicken and vegetables into small pieces, marinate them in our dressing and in an hour the poignant Korean appetizer can be served for lunch or holiday dinner.

Korean dressing for eggplants and mushrooms is the basic ingredient which allows making an authentic traditional Korean salad.

One pack is sufficient for up to 500 grams of salad. The dressing is suitable for Korean salad made of eggplants and mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms, field mushrooms or shiitake.

Sen Soy Premium dressings make it easy to diversify your habitual home menu and to cook traditional national dishes quickly and cost-effectively.
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