New: Hot Chili Sauces


Pungent sauces from a new range will be definitely liked by not only Asian food lovers but also by Caucasian cuisine fans and those who like poignant food in general.

The assortment, recipes and package of the sauces have been thoroughly elaborated for a wide audience.

Just like popular Sen Soy sauces, the new line has already surpassed its competitors in terms of quality and will be sold at affordable prices) which will also distinguish them from their counterparts.

The new Sen Soy line comprises the most interesting and anticipated pungent sauce flavors:

«Adjika», «Hot Chili», «Sweet Chili».


Each of the new Sen Soy sauces is suitable for both dipping and cooking second dishes and even for marinating meat. Pungent and chili sauces are in great demand in any season

Hot chili sauces are an excellent complement to any store’s assortment, whether federal or regional super- or hypermarkets or conventional shops, pavilions or markets.

The new line of Sen Soy pungent sauces will always be in high demand in annual seasonal displays in special areas and departments (Meat and Fish department) and, of course, in grocery department (sauces and marinades). According to the company’s ambitious forecasts new specialty sauces are going to take the leading positions among sauces of the category and seasonal food products.

Advantages of the product line:

  • Made in Russia
  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Unique recipes and natural ingredients
  • A line of the most famous and popular pungent sauces
  • A wide range of application (dipping, marinating, cooking)
  • Outstanding contemporary design and recognizable bottle
  • Lightweight and handy pack is suitable for use at home or at a picnic

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