Nut dressing

Nut dressing is a delicate spicy sauce for making different salads. It is ideal for salads with fresh vegetables and greens and gives them a distinctive piquant flavor. It can also be served with Chuka seaweed salad. The combination of roasted peanuts and sesame seeds with some red wine create an interesting blend having a light sweetish taste and a pronounced nutty flavor.

40 gr All items
Water, sunflower oil, roasted peanuts, sugar, sesame seeds, dry red wine, salt, apple puree, fresh garlic, vinegar, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, sugar), taste enhancer: sodium glutamate, stabilizer: Xanthan gum, pepper black peas, chili pepper, preservative: sodium benzoate
Nutritional Information at 100g.:
Proteins - 4.53 gr
Fats - 30.1 gr
Carbohydrates - 11.4 gr
Energy value at 100g.:
334.62 kcal