Sauce for spaghetti

Sauce for Spaghetti is an example of Italian cuisine. A good choice for Italian food lovers, especially those who like pasta. Ready-to-use Sauce for Spaghetti is a perfect complement to any pasta: fettuccini, tagliatelli, spaghetti, fusilli, cavatelli and many more.
Sauce for Spaghetti: a mixture of pure tomatoes, olives, black and green olives, nutmeg and a number of Italian spices will give an Italian flavor to even ordinary pasta.

320 gr All items
Water, tomato paste, sugar, starch, salt, olives, olives, vegetable oil, coriander, vinegar, garlic, oregano, chili pepper, nutmeg, citric acid, sodium glutamate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sodium isoascorbate
Nutritional Information at 100g.:
Proteins - 0.83 gr
Fats - 1 gr
Carbohydrates - 17.44 gr
Energy value at 100g.:
82.08 kcal