Raspberry Syrup

Flavorous PAPRICH Raspberry Syrup will help you create unforgettable, delicious and outstanding drinks for your whole family quickly and easily: refreshing cocktails, hot fruit teas and shakes. If you like cooking, PAPRICHI Raspberry Syrup will be very helpful: it is perfect for creating flavorous pastry or cream for cakes and croissants. 330 ml All items
Sugar, drinking water, concentrated raspberry juice, molasses, acidity regulator: lemon acid; natural colorant: anthocyanins; flavor: raspberries; preservative: potassium sorbate.
Avoid long-term storage under sunlight.
A sediment of natural origin may be formed.
Shake before use.
Nutritional Information at 100g.:
Proteins - 0 gr
Fats - 0 gr
Carbohydrates - 64 gr
Energy value at 100g.:
260 kcal