Chili sauses "BEST OF ASIA"

Sweet CHILI Sauce by Sen Soy Premium is a rich mixture of tomatoes and sweet paprika with spicy ginger savor. The sauce gives a light exotic aroma to meat, poultry and fish. It can be used for dipping or added ... Read more
Sweet Chili Sauce
Sweet Chili
Glass bottle 320 ml
Sen Soy Premium Chili Mango Sauce provides an accord of pungency and distinct fruity sweetness. It is a perfect dressing for unrivaled Thai salads with poultry and fruit. Chili Mango Sauce makes even simple ... Read more
Chili Mango Sauce
Chili Mango
Glass bottle 320 ml
Sweet and sour pineapple and hot chili make the unique flavor of Sen Soy Premium Thai Chili Pineapple Sauce which goes perfectly with quite different foods from salmon to sweet fruits. In Thailand this ... Read more
Chili Pineapple Sauce
Chili Pineapple
Glass bottle 320 ml

Dressings "BEST OF ASIA"

Nut dressing is a delicate spicy sauce for making different salads. It is ideal for salads with fresh vegetables and greens and gives them a distinctive piquant flavor. It can also be served with Chuka seaweed ... Read more
Nut dressing Metallized package 40 gr
Ginger dressing is a peculiar sauce for light vegetable salads. Fresh ginger has a subtle pungent exotic aroma and a spicy taste. It transforms the taste of customary foodstuffs and gives an inimitable exotic ... Read more
Ginger dressing Metallized package 40 gr
Citrus dressing is a light salad sauce having a nice golden shade which will invigorate any salad but is especially good for fresh salads with plenty of vegetables and greens. The mild sourness of lemon and orange ... Read more
Citrus dressing Metallized package 40 gr


Hu-Tieu Rice vermicelli by Sen Soy Premium is great as a garnish for soups and broths and can be served as a side or main dish. Apart from boiling it can also be fried in sauces and spices, stewed or roasted.  Read more
Vietnamese vermicelli
Package 200 gr.
Rice noodles in an elegant pack which resembles an oriental jewellery box are a dainty side dish for meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables. These tender noodles are excellent by themselves, especially in ... Read more
Thai noodles
Package 200 gr.
HARUSAME is the second most popular product in Japan after rice, and is part of a whole variety of Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. HARUSAME glass noodles are thin, starchy, and transparent. It is ... Read more
HARUSAME Glass noodles for frying Plastic bag 150 g
Rice noodles in nests by Sen Soy Premium are snow-white and translucent, universal in their use: they are perfect as a side dish for any meat and seafood, for soup and broth dressing, can be served as a WOK dish ... Read more
RICE NOODLES in nests Plastic bag 400 gr


“BEST OF ASIA” sauces are the most popular Asian sauces for home and professional cooking. “BEST OF ASIA” sauces are created following traditional recipes, so they perfectly suit for making world-famous Japanese and Chinese dishes. 


“BEST OF ASIA” sauces are the most popular Asian sauces for home and professional cooking. “BEST OF ASIA” sauces are created following traditional recipes, so they perfectly suit for making world-famous Japanese and Chinese dishes. 

WOK sauce for frying noodles is an ideal base for dishes with noodles cooked in a WOK or a conventional frying pan. Just adding the sauce to noodles, you get a restaurant-grade dish, even without any additional ... Read more
WOK sauce for frying noodles Glass bottle 310 gr.
SWEET TERIYAKI sauce for frying is a rich thick sauce for making authentic Japanese dishes of meat, vegetables or seafood. Soy sauce, red wine and spices give a specific flavor, slight sweetness and piquancy to ... Read more
SWEET TERIYAKI sauce for frying Glass bottle 320 gr.
TERIYAKI sauce for marinating is a real catch for barbecue and grill lovers. Thick Japanese marinade makes meat nice-smelling and juicy inside. A perfect balance of components allows marinating meat within 30 ... Read more
TERIYAKI sauce for marinating Glass bottle 320 gr.
Oyster sauce is one of the popular Asian sauces. Its aromatic taste perfectly emphasizes the taste of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It is a great marinade for meat, especially pork that reveals the taste of ... Read more
OYSTER sauce & marinade Glass bottle 330 gr
Unagi sauce is traditional for the Japanese cuisine. Unagi has a rather thick texture and a sweet and salty taste with smoked notes. It is traditionally used to cook eel, and also perfectly complements other ... Read more
UNAGI sauce & marinade Glass bottle 320 gr
Один из наиболее популярных соусов азиатской кухни для блюд из мяса. Соус из четырех видов чёрного перца на фоне экстракта из свежих устриц. Такое сочетание специй придаёт неповторимый узнаваемый вкус ... Read more
Соус Чёрный перец для маринования Glass bottle 310 gr.


The Korean-style WOK set CHAPCHAE will help you cook a traditional royal dish based on Harusame glass noodles and Chapchae sauce. In ancient times, Chapchae was invented for the king, who enjoyed the dish so much ... Read more
WOK in Korean: harusame bean noodles with CHAPCHAE sauce and sesame seeds Cardboard box 235 g
With Thai-style WOK set PAD THAI, Rice Vermicelli noodles and Pad Thai sauce, you can easily cook the most famous WOK dish in Thailand, recognized as one of the 10 best dishes in the world according to CNN. Pad ... Read more
WOK in Thai: RICE Noodles with PAD THAI sauce and sesame seeds Cardboard box 235 g
The Japanese-style WOK set TERIYAKI with Udon noodles and Teriyaki sauce will help you cook the most popular of the dishes prepared on a WOK — Teriyaki, whose sonorous name comes from the verbs “fry” ... Read more
WOK in Japanese: UDON wheat noodles with TERIYAKI sauce and sesame seeds Cardboard box 275 gr
With the help of Soba noodles and Yakisoba sauce in a Japanese-style WOK set YAKISOBA you can cook a traditional dish having the same name. It is phenomenally popular in Japan, where each prefecture has its own ... Read more
WOK in Japanese: soba buckwheat noodles with YAKISOBA sauce and sesame seeds Cardboard box 235 gr


Pho soup is probably one of the most favorite traditional dishes in Vietnam. It is served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A bowl of properly cooked Pho does not only vitalize and energize for a whole day. It ... Read more
Soup base
Metallized package 80 gr
Miso soup is a Japanese dish which is an integral component of any meal: breakfast, lunch or supper, both on weekdays and holidays. Miso soup contains the most wholesome products in their most natural and ... Read more
Soup base
Metallized package 80 gr
Tom Yгm soup becomes a pleasant revelation for everybody who gets acquainted with Thai cuisine. Flavorous pungent, sweet and sour soup with shrimps and mushrooms is served in Thai restaurants and bars, cooked ... Read more
Soup base
Metallized package 80 gr
Miso soup is the most popular Japanese dish. It is a light but very nourishing soup. There are numerous ways to cook this Japanese soup. You can use meat, poultry, seafood or different vegetables and greens ... Read more
Miso soup recipe set
Cardboard box 160 gr


Rice paper is a product which will be definitely loved by oriental cuisine fans. Rice paper resembles a Russian pancake which is used to wrap some stuffing. However, it is also a thin semi-translucent dough which ... Read more
Rice paper Package 100 gr
Tempura is special battering flour for deep frying. In Japanese cuisine this flour is used to make batter in which seafood is fried such as squids, shrimps and fish as well as various vegetables. It can also be ... Read more
Tempura battering flour Metallized package 150 gr
Tempura is a popular Japanese dish made of battered and deep fried seafood. Ebi Tempura made of fresh shrimps is the most famous of them. The main component of Tempura is batter which can be made in two ways: ... Read more
Japanese battering flakes Tempura Plastic bag 100 gr
Coconut milk is obtained by means of dissolving some ground coconut meat in water. Delicate sweetish milk with a bright coconut flavor can be added to tea or coffee or used instead of normal milk. Coconut ... Read more
Coconut milk Can 400 ml
АРАХИС в глазури «Кокосовый» от SEN SOY PREMIUM – полезный, питательный и вкусный снэк для любителей азиатской экзотики. Арахис богат витаминами, минералами и антиоксидантами полезными для здоровья человека ... Read more
Peanuts in the glaze Coconut Metallized package 45 gr