New: Sauce BEST of ASIA


The company presents a NOVELTY – BEST of ASIA collection of sauces for making popular Asian dishes.

BEST of ASIA advantages:

- the most popular Asian sauces for home and professional cooking

- sauces are made following only traditional recipes with the use of natural components;

- ease of cooking;

- high quality and contemporary design attract customers’ attention and distinguish the goods among its counterparts on the shelf.

The collection is represented by three sauces:

WOK specialty sauce is an ideal solution for any cook: it allows making restaurant-grade authentic Asian noodles without any special skills. You just have to fry them in the sauce, even without adding any other ingredients. The sauce is suitable for frying any noodles: rice, wheat, buckwheat or bean (funchoza) noodles.

TERIYAKI is a popular Japanese marinade sauce and a dish having the same name which is cooked everywhere in Japan: in small cafes and expensive restaurants specializing in this dish exclusively

Specialty rich Teriyaki marinade sauce with traditional spices and natural oyster extract is a real catch for barbecue and grill lovers. An ideal balance of components allows marinating meat within just 30 minutes.

Sweet Teriyaki is a special sauce for frying – a rich syrupy sauce with special spices and natural red wine which allows making an authentic Japanese dish in an ordinary frying pan.

The delicate viscous sauce gives a slight sweetness and a traditional flavor to meat, fish or vegetables.

BEST of ASIA sauces allow making a restaurant-grade dish within a few minutes at home.
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